A Missing Wallet and A Big Surprise


A few weeks ago, my husband, Jonny, lost his wallet. It was Thursday evening, our date night, and he didn’t notice it was gone until Friday morning. I first heard about it after Jonny had looked in the usual three or four spots that his wallet would likely be in. Neither of us were too concerned, though, and decided that later that afternoon we would look for it while cleaning the house.

We turned the house upside down. I think collectively over that weekend we spent at least five hours looking for that wallet. That included calling everywhere we were on Thursday and Friday, physically retracing our steps, searching the pockets of coats we haven’t used since last winter, and digging in every nook and cranny in our furniture.

While in the process of looking under the couch cushions, I grabbed a pen and started poking around where my hand couldn’t reach. I poked the pen on the side where Jonny had been sitting, and found something! But, instead of pulling out a wallet, I found a set of keys.

“Hey, look,” I said to Jonny.

He stared at them for a few seconds. “Those look important.”

I remembered I had taken a class with the person we bought the couch from awhile back, so I decided I would try and track her down to return the keys. It turned out to be a fruitless endeavor. I couldn’t find her info anywhere.

Meanwhile, no wallet. No charges on our credit cards to indicate it was stolen. We were so frustrated. Jonny prayed that hopefully something good could come out of this, but either way, could God please help us find his wallet? I remember us joking about a “future sermon illustration” which was our way of saying, “This is a totally dumb situation, but I have faith that God can help us turn it into something useful.” 

We decided that if we couldn’t locate the wallet by Monday, we would call it quits and start replacing everything. We also bought Tiles to put on our keys and wallets so that we would be able to track them if they ever disappeared again.

Fast forward to the following Friday, and we were once again cleaning our house. Jonny took the clothes out of the dryer and there was his wallet! Washed nearly beyond recognition, but there safe and sound. I had checked the dryer during our search of the house, but I don’t think either of us checked the dirty clothes which is probably where it was the whole time.

The next day, Jonny and I were eating lunch with our friends, Daniel and Alice. We told them about finding Jonny’s wallet in the dryer, and Alice and I talked about how we had bought those Tiles so something like this would hopefully never happen again. 

Alice agreed, and said, “That would have been a nice thing to have when we lost our keys a few months ago.”

That’s when something clicked. “What did your keys look like? We found keys in our couch!” I asked. I nudged Jonny. “Did you hear that?!”

Daniel and Alice had lost their keys months ago. It had their only house key and one of their car keys on it. After showing them the keys I had found, Daniel gratefully told Jonny, “Man, I’m glad you lost your wallet.”

While I don’t think that God maniacally hid Jonny’s wallet, planted the idea in my head to search the couch, and moved my hand to find the missing keys, I do believe that God took our dumb situation, and made some good come out of it.

Sometimes it takes some silly missing wallets and keys to remind you that God can and will take whatever situation you are in and make the best possible good come out of it. You may not ever see the good, and your situation may be a lot more serious than misplacing a wallet. But take heart in knowing that God has our best interests in mind.


Stephanie Wilczynski has been involved with Enspire Productions since 2009. She is pursuing a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Andrews University.