Wrong Destination


My family loves to travel. We would travel as often as we could. I remember taking trips to different parts of the country and across the world growing up. Being an eccentric child, I tended to run ahead of the group on our walking tours. I almost ran off the path through the geysers at Yellowstone park, just to get a closer look at a buffalo. That earned me a good spanking. There was another time we were viewing the gorgeous rainforests in Puerto Rico. We were on our way to view a waterfall so I ran on ahead to get the first look. That spanking was quite memorable too. The one story I want to share with you is before I could remember. Its a story my family often retells at family gatherings.

Being one of three sisters and traveling a lot, my mother always needed someone to help her watch all of us. On this trip, we were traveling with my Tia Betty. We were at an airport and had just deplaned and were transferring onto a new one. My mom suddenly realized that she left something on the previous plane so Tia Betty volunteered herself to go back and get it. Turns out, I followed my Tia without her knowing. She boarded the first plane and retrieved the missing item, then returned to my mother; I did not. I stayed on the plane as it was preparing for departure to an unknown location. My mother asked Tia Betty where I was and she replied, “I thought she was with you and the other girls!” They ran back to the first plane right before it took off and retrieved me who had no idea what had just transpired.

There may be times in life where we knowingly rush ahead when we should be patient and suffer consequences because of our hasty decisions.  There are also times in life that we unknowingly follow the wrong path and end up in a dangerous situation that could completely alter your life. It is crucial for us all to be aware and diligent in our walk with Christ. He is the only way for us all to make it to heaven.


Alejandra Rodriguez Clark is an elementary school teacher and currently resides in McAllen, Texas.