Caught up in the Waves


Have you ever come across a small problem or fear and made it out into something even larger and more terrifying? Overthinking has definitely been a personal curse on me these past few years.

I’ve been involved with Enspire for over 8 years and while in college, creating my schedule to accommodate Enspire retreats and events never posed a problem for me. My heart was on fire for God and nothing or no one could prevent me from driving/flying up to the “holy land” of Keene, TX to help out. After my first viewing of an Enspire play as an audience member, I knew in my heart that this was the ministry I’d dedicate my life to.

About a week ago, I received the dates for the next Enspire event. My heart began to race as I checked my work calendar. You see, I work at a school and the dates turned out to coincide with the last week of classes. I’m currently seeking a professional position in the district and as my overactive mind began to think, I started to formulate reasons not to participate in Enspire this year. “It would ruin my chances of finding a better position.” “I’ll let my coworkers down.” “I’d have to get the dates approved my administration.” “The request will be denied.” “You didn’t have the funds to go to Keene twice in the same month.” “You’ll need to buy a plane ticket.” The longer I procrastinated on filling out that piece of paper, the more anxiety and scenarios came to mind.”

My friends, I allowed fear to guide me. I forgot to invite God to take control of my problem. After 8 years, he always found a way for me to minister to him and his people. Why now did I doubt like Peter on the waves? I must admit that I have not taken my problem to prayer. It wasn’t until I spoke with a dear friend of mine. This friend of mine led me straight to God. God is good my friends! It is important that you fill your life with people that will lead you to the cross to cast your burdens and fears upon Jesus!

Today, after prayer, I found the courage to fill out that form and type my testimony to my boss. I have no fear left in my heart because I know, God will always find a way for me to get back to him.

Alejandra Rodriguez Clark is an elementary school teacher and currently resides in McAllen, Texas.