A Surprising Answer


Life is full of changes. As a senior in high school, I often think about how I became the person I am today. I think about the struggles I overcame, the joy that I experienced, and the surprises I never expected. One story that often appears in my mind is the birth of my baby brother. 

When I was a young girl, my family enjoyed spending every moment together. We would constantly have visitors and we would always stay up talking about the simplest things. However, when the day would end and the adults would leave to fulfill their duties, I was left all alone. I always felt like I was missing something. Everywhere I would go I would see people walking around with their siblings, creating unforgettable memories, and I did not have that. I begged and pleaded with my mom to have another child, but she rejected the idea. As time passed, I started to accept the idea that I would always be an only child despite how much I wanted someone. However, something changed in me at the age of eight. I told myself that if it was something that I really wanted, I would do whatever it takes to make it happen. So I got on my knees and I prayed. 

As I prayed, a part of me did not believe anything would happen. However, something inside of me told me to believe. I continued to pray each and every day, and I asked God to give me a beautiful baby brother. When I was about nine years old, I noticed that my mom was not like her usual self. She would always lie down and ask for help for the simplest tasks. 

I started to wonder if my prayers had been answered, but I thought I was wrong. The day of October 28, 2010, is a day that will forever be ingrained in my mind. I was in 3rd grade and I remember waking up to go to school. My mom was not home, and my grandpa said that he was going to take me to school. All kinds of terrible thoughts ran through my head as the school day passed. I was deeply worried about my mom. 

When school ended, my grandpa picked me up and took me to the hospital where my mom was. I ran as fast as I could to my mom’s room. I was so focused on finding her that I didn’t notice that I was in the maternity ward. As I entered the room, I saw something I would never forget. My mom was holding a beautiful baby boy. My mom explained to me that she wanted to surprise me because she knew how much I wanted a brother. From that day forward, I never left my brother’s side. I still believe to this day that he is the sweetest human being on this planet. Whenever I think of this story, I remember that nothing is impossible with God. 

Mark 11:24 says “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”. There are times when we believe that our requests are too big and not possible. However, you should never be afraid to talk to God about your hopes and concerns. You should go to God no matter what. You might be surprised at what amazing things can happen. 


Tarsha Rasugu recently graduated from Burton Adventist Academy.

Photo by Aliko Sunawang on Unsplash