A Birthday FaceTime Call


I was born June 1st. Being a summer baby, I’d always be envious of my fellow classmates who celebrated during the school year. Celebrating with family was nice but there was always something special about celebrating with friends. As the years passed by I started working at summer camp. I can still recall my first “friend” birthday. We were practicing for a Journey play working hard all day long. As the evening approached, my camp friends all gathered round me and sang happy birthday with a beautiful bundt cake! Surrounded by such beautiful and God-fearing people, filled me with an unexplainable joy that I began to treasure immensely. For the next 8 years, I was able to celebrate with my Journey (Enspire) Family. Birthdays at Summer camp moved from Leander to Lake Whitney to camp meeting in Keene. 

Last Fall, I started my new job as a Food Science Educator. Working in the public school system did not allow me to help out with the plays like I was able to the last 8+ years. Sadly, I was unable to celebrate with my friends. The day of my birthday, I spent with my siblings, parents, and husband. After a nice lunch, I had to work at our high schools graduation. Exhausted and emotionally drained, I laid in bed ready to go to sleep, when suddenly I received a FaceTime call from a camp friend. She held the phone to show what seemed like 30+ Enspire family singing happy birthday to me! I cried. My heart filled with so much love and sense of belonging, how could I not cry! 

Although I was technically “HOME” for my birthday for the first time in almost a decade, “HOME” to me was realized when that FaceTime call came through. To me, HOME is people who love you, people who lift you up when you are down, a community and place of safety. My HOME fills me with so much that it brought me to tears. Can you imagine what our real HOME in heaven will be like?! Living with a God who loves us, who lifts us up, a community and place of safety! With only a taste of home here, I live for the day when I will experience my “birthday” in and with my true “HOME”.

Alejandra Clark is a CTE Food Science Educator at Edinburg High School.