Nature has taught me…Part 1

Summer vacation is officially over, although the extreme triple digit heat lingers. School has officially begun and teachers and students alike already miss summer break. When people think of summer, they think of trips to the beach, covered in beautiful white sand, swaying palm trees, and crystal, clear blue water. I’ve been lucky to live close to a beach. Not quite as picturesque as Sandals beach resort commercials, but nice nonetheless!

A memory I have is of a unique beach I visited when I traveled to Maui, Hawaii as a kid. I was quite young, but I remember my beach trip quite vividly. I recall being in a car driving for hours through winding roads, gorgeous vegetation at every turn. Rich greens, sharp dark stones accenting the road; tall hills littered with brightly colored flowers accented the trip. We finally arrived at the abandoned beach. What was so strange to me was the color of the sand. The entire beach was covered in midnight black sand. The color was the complete opposite of any other beach I have ever seen or been to! I couldn’t get enough of it! The contrast between the volcanic, black sands made the lush vegetation nearby seem ethereal. I remember hearing the roars of the strong waves cascading over the small black sands and the sensation of my toes digging into it. Even though I was extremely young, likely to forget even visiting such a place, I could still appreciate and recall the majesty and uniqueness of the seashore.

God has created such a fascinating world for us. Even thousands of years after its creation, we as humans, are still learning and discovering new and wondrous creations! The glorious nature that he has created for us is not only for adults to love and appreciate, but for all of mankind, no matter the age. Even though the school year has begun and summer trips are now in the past, I encourage you to go out and enjoy God’s beauty with your family. As the temperature begins to drop, take a stroll around your neighborhood, look up at the stars, spend time with your loved ones. Our eyes should gaze upon his creations. You’ll find that a simple 15 minute walk with a family member will bring you not only closer to each other, but closer to God as well. Create new memories and let us appreciate all that he has made for our enjoyment! “And God saw everything He had made, and behold, it was very good. “ Genesis 1:31

Alejandra Clark is a CTE Food Science Educator at Edinburg High School.