An Enspire Productions Special Blog

Everyone in the organization has been really busy lately trying to get ready for North Texas Giving Day. It’s a really exciting time for Enspire. We have undergone many changes over the years; most recently we became a 501c(3) entity with the federal government. Few things in my life have taken as much effort as it has to get Enspire where it is today.

In fact, we have changed so much as an organization that we have had to stop and reevaluate what our mission is or at least check to make sure we have stayed true to our original goal.

It all started so small and innocently. We just wanted to find a new way to tell the story of Jesus so that the old story would become new to people again. We wanted people to consider the story from a different point of view.

I guess it really started out as a play. Then this play turned into five more and took six years of our lives to tell. It was the greatest adventure I’ve ever taken. We had created an entire world that allegorically told the story of Jesus from start to finish. And somewhere down the road, we realized that we had created a small following. A family.

That’s the word you’ll probably hear most often if you ask anyone involved in Enspire to explain what it is. We decided we needed to keep doing what we were doing, and we were blessed to be led to people that could help us formally organize ourselves and our new ministry, our new family.

As the years have rolled on we have added things to our repertoire: more plays, books, concerts, and a weekly blog. The list continues to grow but the mission is the same. Find ways of telling the story of Jesus so that people can hear it anew, can hear it again, or maybe hear it for the first time.

We need to be changed by Jesus daily. If He is the same every time you go to see Him then your relationship is dead. A living Lord will give you new insight, He will continue to provide new ways to learn and grow in Him.

Knowing Jesus is the one true great pleasure. That is why we do what we do. 

What do we do? We just happen to write plays, books, and blogs. If the Lord made us to be farmers, then we would tell His story with the plow. But the Lord gave us the pen and we intend to use it.

Will you join us? Will you help us continue the great work? Please prayerfully consider giving to our ministry and helping us continue the work.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You,


Johnathan Coker, MDiv.

Co-Founder, Enspire Productions Inc.