Finding the Right Fit

I’ve never liked attending Sabbath School. As a child, the only joy I received from it was earning a sticker for my memory verse and seeing my friends in class. In college, Sabbath School quickly grew into a place where my classmates battled each other with their Bible knowledge against each other instead of delving […]

Life’s Small Lessons

There was a small elementary school with desks, and boards, and colorful educational posters on the wall. At this school there were many young children of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Each of them knew they were different however the difference didn’t matter—the children spent more time caring about what made them similar rather […]

More Lessons from Cuba

Over spring break, Steph and I were privileged to go to Cuba for an evangelistic series with the annual Andrews University study tour. Many, many things happened over those 10 days, but I want to share with you the real-life story that impacted me the most. Near the beginning of the weeklong series, we prayed […]