The Housewarming

2ND PLACE IN ENSPIREME: PASSION PROJECT’S SHORT STORY CONTEST I’m on a date with a plate of Totino’s pizza rolls when he crashes through my window. It’s kind of like the movies, I guess. I scream. Glass flies into my living room. He screams. He flies into the corner of my coffee table. We both […]

How do you know when love is real?

Love/Grace Part 2   I was in love once. Or at least I thought I was in love. Why? I suppose it gave me purpose. A higher calling? But, everyone I knew would have said something different. I couldn’t see what I needed to see…yet. People would gaze upon my puffy eyes and downcast demeanor […]

What is Love?

  Love/Grace Part 2 What is love, really? It’s a question that has been shoved down our throats and drilled into our brains until we are saturated, overflowing, nauseous with a classic case of “too much of a good thing.” The cliche makes my head spin and my heart hurt because love, as we romanticize […]

By Yourself or In a Group?

Love/Grace Part 1   Have you ever paid attention to the first two chapters of Psalms? Though both of these poems are not long, there is deep meaning to be found in the passages that tell the story of God’s love for us, complete with a Messianic prophecy. In the next few paragraphs, I’m going […]