God Always Has a Plan

Sometimes God acts in the most peculiar and mysterious ways, or so they seem until you see the bigger picture. My family and I recently took a trip to Colorado, to see the mountains and have a white Christmas for one in our lives. We don’t get much (any) snow down here and Texas, and […]

A Glimmer

Hope is a glimmer of sunlight in the midst of a storm. It doesn’t bring promise of immediate change And it cannot promise you when it will get better But it reminds you that the storm cannot last forever. It was a dark place I was living in. ‘If life is this uncomfortable, this difficult, […]

Choose Jesus as Your Home

For most of my life, I didn’t have a “best friend”. No matter where I was, which friends I was with, I always felt like the second choice. Did you ever have that feeling? But they always convey things differently in the movies, they introduce the protagonist and then in turn, their best friend. When […]