Power Strips, Lifeguards, and a New School Year

Well, it is once again the beginning of the fall semester. If you are like me, and your life revolves around the school year, this is a big deal. I always get excited at the start of the school year. There’s newness in the air. But, of course, the new semester also entails lots of […]

Life Lessons From a Pupper

For those of you who may not know, Chantal and I recently adopted a puppy. She is a beautiful corgi-beagle mix, although we think she may have some Rottweiler in her because of her color scheme. Her name is Zoila, Zoi for short, and she is a loving and energetic little pup. For those of […]

The Mountaintop

Recently I transplanted from the hot plains of Texas to the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado, and on my daily commute I am shocked by the awe-inspiring view of the mountains that stretch across the valley. Most impressive is the sight of Mount Sopris which stands high above the surrounding landscape and leaves me […]

A Little Perspective Goes a Long Way

Ironically, one of my favorite memories from high school was when my car broke down. The common story of a car breaking down usually involves being stranded somewhere at an inconvenient time, perhaps with other people relying on a ride, all of this still applies to my story. Four of my friends and I were […]

How to Turn Evil

I have often wondered how it is that someone can transform from a kind and caring person into a hateful one. What makes someone turn from loving their family members to rejoicing in their destruction? It’s a question that humanity has been trying to figure out for as long as we’ve been around. It’s the […]