Love At Home

Passion Project Short Story   Love at Home  I sit in this well thought out session as the Pastor talks about “Enjoy your marriage”. He  tactfully brings out each point, along with a sense of humor.    “Learn to change yourself.”    “Be unique.”    “Be romantic.”    “Learn to use the ‘I’ as opposed […]

New Beginnings

Our God is a big fan of new beginnings. I mean it’s all over the Bible. New hearts, new wineskins, new covenants, and even a new world!? He LOVES new! In fact, it’s who He is. And I’ll prove it to you! But first check out these lyrics from an Owl City song that I’m […]

A New Old Idea

You remember the story of the Good Samaritan. Jesus tells this story to help explain a question about how to receive eternal life. A man tells Jesus that he knows the way to receive eternal life is to “love your neighbor as yourself” but he goes on to ask “who is my neighbor?” He wanted […]

One of Mine

A New Start Part 2 Unless you have been to the Middle East you have only received a glimpse of what true hospitality is. Yes, there may be “Southern Hospitality” but it falls eons short in comparison to Middle Eastern hospitality. Let me explain. A few years back several of my friends, classmates, and I […]

Where My Heart Is

Passion Project Short Story   As a young child, I never really felt that I belonged. I listened to the radio programs like One Man’s Family and I realized my life didn’t compare in any way to the dramatizations that were portrayed via the air waves or even our neighbors. Yet I preferred to visit […]