It’s Giving Season, So Let’s Give… Acceptance?

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating the holidays this year.  Seeing as it is the giving season, it’s natural to put our resources together to help out those in need, which is great! In addition to the thoughtful gifts that will be given out this year how […]

Wrong Destination

My family loves to travel. We would travel as often as we could. I remember taking trips to different parts of the country and across the world growing up. Being an eccentric child, I tended to run ahead of the group on our walking tours. I almost ran off the path through the geysers at […]

Sacrifice the Big Stuff

I was made aware, at a very early age, that being a disciple of Christ takes sacrifice. I was told this simple truth by parents, teachers, pastors, and any elderly person I happened to bump into at potlucks. However, I don’t think I ever truly realized what the idea of sacrifice for Christ meant until […]