What is Home?

Every summer when I was younger I would go to a summer camp. Every summer I would pack my suitcase a week early, plan my activities, and pack my snacks. I would count down the days.  Sunday morning, in the last week of June, we would head down to the most beautiful part of Texas. […]

Faking your relationship with Jesus 101

I recently learned that it is impossible to fake having a relationship with Jesus. I was asked quite awhile ago to write this blog post, and I jumped at the opportunity. Of course I wanted to write a post! If I can write a good Christian blog post, then I must have an amazing spiritual […]

God Used a Movie Instead of Me

I recently learned that a patient that I was treating 2 times a week for 6 weeks was an Atheist. It happened rather quickly—I called to let him know that I was leaving that clinic and wanted to let him know he was going to be seeing another therapist for the remainder of his care. […]

What I Learned During the Polar Vortex.

There’s no class in school called, “Surviving -35 degree Windchill 101.” I wish there was though because I really could have used that specific expertise this week. Listen, the magnitude of that cold is just insane. Think about it this way; If you add 60 degrees to -35, it’s still below freezing. Oof. Alright, so it all […]