Taking the Next Step with God

I’ve spent a lot of my life beating myself up. It’s an easy habit to fall into, and the way I saw it, it was well deserved. I should have had life easy; I’ve gotten half a dozen jobs because of who I know, not what I know. But for years, I felt like I […]

The Constant Phenomenon

The idea of having a loyal friend, stable educational experience, and a forever home has always left me wondering, searching, and inevitably lost. How could someone stay so devoted to another person? How can you stay in one place, the same environment, to the point where you’ve seen each other grow into different people?    […]

Is Jesus the Best Option?

**Repost**   It’s well established and I’m sure you’ve heard it before – God is love – Jesus loves you. So what do you do with that? How does hearing that God loves you make you feel? Perhaps you feel like there’s no way he could love somebody like you. Perhaps you feel like ok […]