Summer Camp and Me

I will never forget the summer of my 18th year of life. I remember graduating from Chisholm Trail Academy in Keene TX, loading up the car, and zooming away to Camp Yorktown Bay in Arkansas. I had no idea what to expect. I had always considered myself an “indoor-boy,” and honestly wasn’t looking forward to […]

Struck Down, but not Destroyed

So, a couple months ago I did a thing that I’ve never done before. No, it wasn’t something nearly as exciting as sky diving or climbing a mountain, or whatever it is adventurous people do. I broke my wrist. Now, this is a new experience for me, even though I was a clumsy child that […]

Let the Children Come

Have you ever laid back at a pool or park or something, with your friends and just heard the conversations little kids have? No not creeper-ish over hearing skills but just in passing, hearing their excitement at how the people are screaming, or running away from the water splashing them. Some of the best kid […]

The Evidence of Things Not Seen

I have always believed in God’s existence. His existence was always presented to me through my parents, family, and church. Although this was a fact for me growing up, it wasn’t until I attended college where I noticed the difference between what I’ve been raised to believe, and what I truly believed in for myself. […]