Being Strong When You Feel Weak

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that I can see God the clearest when I’m on stage. Just a few weeks ago, Enspire performed The Journey: The Love of the Guardian at the Keene Camp Meeting, and I had the honor to be able to act in it. And, just like he likes to do, […]

FIFA and Faithfulness

The World Cup fever is on and many are spending their days living through high and low emotional moments. Each country has a loyal fanbase that experiences an array of emotions throughout the game. But as bystanders, no one feels the stress and pressure of the game as the actual players. Each team prides itself […]

Family of Strangers

For the past two years, Enspire has had the opportunity to minister to the community during Keene Camp meeting through performing the Journey plays. Cast and crew members come in from all over the country like Michigan, New York, South Texas, and multiple parts of North Texas, to participate in this ministry. I was blessed […]

Advice from my Mother-in-Law

I am 26 years old, and believe it or not, I am still trying to find my place and where I fit in on this tiny blue planet. It’s not simple, and there is a big learning curve. Year after year as I grow older I do feel the weight of all of the responsibilities that […]

A Thankful Post

This is a thankful post. The  most beloved moments growing up were Friday night worships. My mother and father would call us to the living room when the colors outside made the sky as if it was on fire. My brother and I would reluctantly drag our feet and greet the occasional  guest joining us […]