Our Earthly Home and Heavenly Home

A woman, a teenage girl, and a small boy sharing two blankets on the floor of an empty second floor apartment; home. A small, damp 8th floor tenement in the middle of bustling New York City; home. A one-bedroom motel suite lined with sleeping 9 sleeping bodies, lined with black mold; home. All of these […]

The Traveling Man

Passion Project Short Story I was just a boy when I met Him. Some say I’m still just a boy, but I won’t be for long! I’ll be turning twelve this month, so I’m practically a man now. Most of the adults chuckle when I tell them, but I don’t mind. Laughter is good. If […]

My Home

Chantal, Zoi, and I recently moved to Palm Coast Florida, where I was called to pastor. Which means that what we knew as our “Home” was displaced and relocated for the very first time. Our first home, in Berrien Springs Michigan, was to be left behind for a new one in warm Florida. Though excited […]

A Birthday FaceTime Call

I was born June 1st. Being a summer baby, I’d always be envious of my fellow classmates who celebrated during the school year. Celebrating with family was nice but there was always something special about celebrating with friends. As the years passed by I started working at summer camp. I can still recall my first […]