The Pandemic Psalm

1st PLACE IN ENSPIREME: PASSION PROJECT’S POEM CONTEST (2020)   The Pandemic Psalm     “Don’t hold tight to earthly pleasures, those just fade away”         Priests and pastors like to end their eulogies this way     But right now, we’re not dying, we just dread this in-between         The waiting and the worrying, the weeks of quarantine  At least […]

A Surprising Answer

Life is full of changes. As a senior in high school, I often think about how I became the person I am today. I think about the struggles I overcame, the joy that I experienced, and the surprises I never expected. One story that often appears in my mind is the birth of my baby […]

A New Old Idea

**Repost from August 2019**   You remember the story of the Good Samaritan. Jesus tells this story to help explain a question about how to receive eternal life. A man tells Jesus that he knows the way to receive eternal life is to “love your neighbor as yourself” but he goes on to ask “who […]