Between the Trees

1st Place in EnspireMe: Passion Project’s Short Story Contest Joseph McPherson ran out of his house and into the dense forest behind his neighborhood. His father chased after him calling his name. “Joe! Joseph! Come back! I’m sorry!” His father’s voice trailed off as Joseph’s steps sped up and the trees surrounding him turned into […]

Learning to Wrestle With God

Wrestling with God Part 4 The Bible is chock full of stories where people wrestle with God. Abraham wrestled with God concerning the impending doom of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Moses wrestled with God when God called Him to go back into Egypt to free the Israelite slaves. He wrestled with God again […]

What to do with Conflicting Messages

Wrestling with God Part 3   It was 2014 and I was standing by the shore in the cool of the night. I was confused, torn, and dejected – I had no idea what God wanted me to do. You see I was in the latter part of my student missionary year in Poland and […]

A Jacob Moment

Wrestling with God: Part 2 Enspire Productions was given the opportunity to minister to hundreds of young adults a few years ago during the General Conference. I, along with a few of our Enspire members, performed The Journey: A Quest of Faith, as part of the Young Adult program. Being a seasoned actor and being […]

Stuck in a Stagnant Relationship

Wrestling With God Part 1   I spent the majority of my childhood living with my mom, my grandmother, and my grandfather, who was a pastor. So for years, every Saturday meant going to church and listening to him preach. I always enjoyed it because it meant seeing my friends and getting to read the […]