Hoarders: Christian Edition

Have you ever had to move before? It is my deepest hope that you’ve never had to experience something so deeply horrifying. But chances are that you’ve moved at least once in your life. I happen to somewhat enjoy the newness of it all: getting to pick what furniture goes where, the excitement of something […]

Becoming Like Children

Bobby was just a normal kid at 6 years old, fighting with his brother on the daily, and learning to play sports with his dad, when one day Bobby’s dad walked out of the room while Bobby was sitting on the couch. All he can remember is Bobby screaming “I can’t see, Dad! I can’t […]

A Dairy Bad Choice

Have you ever found yourself doing something incredibly amazing knowing that what you were doing would eventually lead to consequences shortly after? I for one have experienced that since before I could remember. Since I was a child, I have been plagued with stomach issues. The pain would come about rapidly and without warning causing […]

Where Two or Three are Gathered…

“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them” Matt 8:20 I hear it when a small group of people has come together to meet. It’s mentioned most often around me when a small group of people pray. I’ve seen the verse written on Christian paraphernalia, t-shirts, wall-art, that […]