By now, I’m sure many have seen the images of the caravan of about 7,000 people making its way through Mexico towards the U.S. border. The caravan began in Honduras and is slowly but surely making its way north, gaining people as it moves. The people in the caravan are fleeing their countries for various […]

Perfect Peace

I didn’t get to go to the corn maze this year. Grad school can do that to you, but this was for another reason. I’m one of those people who gets sick every time the leaves start falling from the trees and we sneakily start to listen to Christmas music when no one is around. […]

My Personal Pastor

Do you remember having those little best friend necklaces in the shapes of broken hearts and are only complete when the other necklace is matched up to it? I grew up with the belief that I’d have one perfect, best friend to share my life with. Along my life’s journey, I’ve come across a multitude […]

The Word of God

I spend a lot of time talking about words and their power in our lives. I suppose this isn’t a surprising fact; I am after all a teacher. But even if I weren’t, I would still think it’s important to stop and consider the impact words have on our lives. It’s with words that we […]