Cooking with Gentiles

I attended public school for the first 13 years of my childhood and with it, came the sense of uniqueness. Being unable to discuss or share religion in class made me feel as if I were one of the few children in the community who worshiped God the way my family and I did. Attending […]

Plans to Prosper and Not to Harm

My Personal Testimony Part 3 There came a time when I wanted to talk about it. I wanted to scream about it. But all I could do was whisper, “I’m fine.” I was abused by my biological father. This challenge broke me, it destroyed me, and it’s not even the bruises on the body that […]

The Little Things

My Personal Testimony Part 2 It’s 95 degrees and it’s October. The frustration that comes with intense heat during my favorite season is just as intense as the extremely hot rays of sun that are still beating down upon me while I’m monitoring lunch outside for the high school students. It’s kind of indicative to […]

One of Those Life Changing Moments

My Personal Testimony Part 1 Sometimes you can look back on something in your life and realize – it was that moment that everything changed. How you view the world will never be the same. One of those moments for me was in December of 2016.  It was my first semester in graduate school at […]