The Waiting Place

“ In every victory let it be said of me, my source of strength, my source of hope, my source of success, my source of joy, my source of love, is Christ alone.” Ahhh the spiritual walk- what a journey. It has those wonderful mountain top moments where you feel like you are soaring, you’re […]

He Promises to Be Found

God’s will. These are two words that are tossed out of my mouth fairly often. People ask me, “What school will you go to? What area do you want to work in? Are you going to move away from home? Will you do this or that?” And right on cue, without a thought, I’ll confidently […]

Are You Listening?

This summer I went on the trip of a lifetime. I was lucky enough to visit places I have never been before, in little corners of the country that I have only seen pictures of. One of my favorite places I was able to visit with my parents was Glacier National Park in Montana. I […]