Looking for God’s Gift in Troubled Times

The sun was just starting to set, we were driving on the freeway with our windows wound down and the cool breeze rushing in like a river rushes over the rocks. It seemed like the perfect Friday evening. As we got closer to the area of the campsite, we realized that there was no place […]

Finding Healing

Grief and pain can come off the heels of a shattered relationship. Either that it be your parents, your siblings, your significant other, your friends. From experience, I had found it difficult to physically maintain myself at a healthy rate. Lack of eating became an issue, as well as the countless tears that had been […]


If you’ve ever grown up primarily in one area, typically, you start to incorporate the culture into your life. The food is standard food, the music is normal sound to you and the everyday words you hear are just that- everyday vocabulary. You grow up in this area, you have a life in this area, […]

Unfailing Hope

1st PLACE IN ENSPIREME: PASSION PROJECT’S SHORT STORY CONTEST (2020)   Unfailing Hope  Hope is a controversial thing. Ask any Darwinian scientist what it is and they’ll tell  you that it’s delsional, and it helps us cope when things go south. The hope that things will get  better when we don’t have proof that they […]

The Power of One Voice

Never underestimate the power of your words. A long time ago, a man told a story. It’s a story that’s so ubiquitous in today’s culture that we literally have a law named after the protagonist.  In Jesus’ day, Samaritans were seen as the scum of the Earth. Their literal presence was blasphemy. The Jews were […]

Thinking About the What-ifs

When I got baptized, my mom gave me a box of cards. This little box had a verse written on a card. I opened it up, and I fished out a card from the middle of the deck. There was writing on the front and back, so I flipped it around a couple of times, […]