Christmas in January


Would you leave your family, fortune, and high profile position, just to give someone a gift? Probably not, because you’re not an insane person but that’s exactly what the wise men did.

These guys left home in search of a Messiah foretold in a prophecy, given by a guy against his will. Balaam spoke about a star coming out of Jacob (Numbers 24:17) and from that they, the wise men, decided to trek around the globe in search of Jesus.

They had less to go on than I do, and had much more to risk by looking for him, yet they went anyway. And I complain about writing a blog post.

My risk for writing this post is small but I complain sometimes because I wonder if it makes a difference. But there are many who have risked far more and gotten less in return.

Maybe my motive is off. Maybe my reason for writing has been skewed. Perhaps there’s more for me to learn in this little story.

Yeah, these guys, the wise men, must have been really convicted that Jesus was worth the risk of leaving everything behind just to be able to see Him. The text alludes to this fact in that they referred to Jesus as “king of the Jews” (Matt 2:2).

You see, no one is born king; you’re born a prince and then when the King dies you become a king. But Jesus is different. He doesn’t have to wait; He is king at the moment of His birth.

The wise men know Jesus is special and in fact come prepared to worship Him. This is the part of the story that makes the deepest cut for me. They come prepared. They brought gifts to give Jesus when they finally found Him. I have to ask myself, how often do I come prepared to worship? How often do I bring something to give God?

I have to be ready to give because He is worthy, not because my gift will make a difference. I have to write this blog post because I am so moved by Jesus that I must find some way to give back.

Perhaps our motives are off; maybe our reason for worship has been skewed. Do you show up at church looking for a blessing, or do you come prepared to share one? Try showing up ready to give and then receive the true blessing of sharing your gifts, your experiences, your light and truth. Then you will encounter the true blessing. Then you will meet Jesus.

Johnathan Coker is one of the founders of Enspire Productions. He is currently a teacher at Chisholm Trail Academy.