The Journey: The Voyage Home

The Journey: The Voyage Home

Keene Church Chapel (map)


The Voyage Home is an allegory play that follows the story of Alenia, a young princess, searching for Kael, the love of her life, and discovering the meaning of grace along the way. Come experience worship through drama. Sail across the oceans with Alenia and learn about the powerful reality of home and that redemption is never too far beyond reach. 

  • Act 1 - Wed May 29, 8:30pm - Where do you sail? 

  • Act 2 - Thu May 30, 8:30pm - Steadfast in the storm

  • Act 3 - Fri May 31, 8:30pm - Drowning in the tide 

  • Act 4 - Sat Jun 1, 10:15am - Bridging the gap 

  • Act 5 - Sat Jun 1, 8:30pm - Precious Father take my hand