Feeling God’s Presence


Have you ever had a moment in your life when you could feel God’s presence clearly? Well, if you haven’t, let me tell you it is the BEST feeling in the world! All your troubles melt away, and it is as if you are engulfed in a warm, freeing hug. 

The first time I remember really feeling God’s presence was about two years ago when I went to my high school’s annual Bible Camp. I was a freshman at the time, and it was my first year attending the camp, so I didn’t really know what to expect. 

Once we unloaded the buses, all the students picked a cabin, unpacked our bags, and began the first of two-and-a-half days full of fun group activities. We divided into our “family” groups, and then played games like trying to get the marble down the line without dropping it, and, Bible character telephone. 

On the second night, we were there, we sang songs, listened to a sermonette done by one of the teachers. Then we were called to get together into groups and pray about things we were struggling with. 

After this came the part of our trip that moved me the most. Group by group, people went outside where they walked along a long trail lit by candles that shone like stars in the surrounding darkness.

As we walked along this path, other students gave us pieces of advice about high school, and how to grow our relationship with God. When we reached the end of the walk, we came up some stairs to a pavilion next to the lake where all the students who had already arrived there were singing gospel songs and praying. 

As I began to sing along, I looked up toward the end of the pavilion and saw a large white cross standing tall next to the lake. At that moment, surrounded by beautiful music, stars, and wind, and friends, I felt the presence of the one who made it all. It was the most excited, but also calmest I have ever felt. Something inside of me could just sense that the God of the Universe was in this place and that feeling is the happiest I have ever felt. 

This whole experience was a turning point in my relationship with God. Before, I had only read and learned about God through the Bible and devotionals (which is still very important), but now I have felt and experienced Him, and I know with my whole heart that He is close to me wherever I go.


Adeline Long is 15 years old, has a dog named Sugar, and is a sophomore at Burton Adventist Academy.


Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash