God Spoke to Me Through a Cat. Yes, Really.


Sometimes even the simplest thing can have an enormous impact. In this case, by simplest I mean not smart. 

Many of you that know Steph and I absolutely adore our two cats. They’re our fur children. When we travel for long periods, we bring them with us. We dress them up for Halloween. We even recently bought the younger cat (who is also the star of this story) a present for her birthday today!

The cat who God spoke through is by far the less intelligent of the two. Isn’t that how God works though? We expect Him to work through the powerful, but here He is — choosing the weaker to show a glimpse of Himself. Kinda reminds me of 1 Corinthians 1:27!

Earlier this year, Steph and I were just about to fall asleep when our cat, Artemis, decided to cause a ruckus. It was a school night, and we both had obligations early the following morning. I was not happy that she was banging around from what sounded like inside my dresser. I haphazardly turned on my phone flashlight to see what in the world was going on. Turns out the little poofball crawled behind the dresser drawer and was stuck in the small area behind. I’m not convinced that cats even have bones — they can fit anywhere!

I noticed something else too — Artemis wasn’t crying. She wasn’t scared. She was perfectly content being trapped in a place that clearly wasn’t best. Sighing, I jammed my arm through the small space in the dresser to save the pathetic poof who didn’t even know she needed my help. 

It hurt my arm a lot due to the rough wood and small space, but I couldn’t just leave her there. Groping around for a bit, I finally was able to find her head. I gingerly pulled her closer, but as I began to pull her through the opening, it scraped her head a little bit. Only once I began to save her from her unknown predicament did she feel any pain. But due to her specific situation, I couldn’t get her out of that bad place without causing both of us some pain.

After getting her out of the dresser, she walked around acting like nothing even happened. And nothing did, but it could’ve if I didn’t intervene.

My eyes started misting. It hit me right there on my dark bedroom floor that Jesus did this same thing for me. I was ignorant of my horrible situation, but that didn’t faze Him. He reached (and continues to reach) into my situation even when I don’t even know that I’m in danger. It makes me wonder how often He saves me and I don’t even know it.

If I love my cat so much, how much more does her Creator love her?

The LORD God formed out of the ground every living animal of the field and every bird of the air.

Genesis 2:19 (NET Bible)

And if God loves my cat so much, then how much more does He love you?

So do not be afraid; you are more valuable than many sparrows (or cats!).

Matthew 10:31 (NET Bible)

Friend, I don’t know if you’ve had a good day or a bad day. You may be facing a horrible time in your life, or perhaps you’re on smooth waters. 

Here’s the good news: Your feelings don’t define you.

The value of something is defined by the price someone is willing to pay. If God Himself gave His life for you, then you (yes, you!) must have immense value. 

Truer words have never been spoken more clearly through even a cat.

Jonny has been involved with Enspire Productions since 2009. He is currently enrolled in the MDiv. program at the Andrews University Theological Seminary.