Enter the world of Esis where wars rage, cultures clash, religions collide, and a group of men and women struggle to discover who they are. The original four Shepherds were created by the Order: Defense to protect, Mind to educate, Spirit to inspire, and State to lead. Now the Shepherds assist the country of Oldaem in leading the people through the confusing and often dangerous times.

Follow Daku a struggling Warden, Kayt a displaced Shepherd of State, Sayla an ambitious Apprentice Defense Shepherd, Ian a lovable Shepherd hopeful, Galen a brooding army cadet, and Cole a searching child as they embark upon the truth of the New and Old Orders, struggle with the light and the darkness within them, and discover the importance of prayer and inner-faith. A wall surrounds, a tower stands, and etched in stone a secret friendship pact struggles to endure the test of time.


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