Jesus is Our Present




Jesus is Our Present

I get the flash backs of the torture that kept me.

It kept me in its arms so that I could not breathe;

It squeezed me so tight that I felt like I might not be let go.

I felt discouraged, useless and overall trampled on,

My past likes to poke at me, needling me to hold on.

The future likes to disguise itself that I might worry even more,

But the present, oh the present likes to hold me;

The present likes to greet me and welcome me.

Suddenly those voices come back at me..

You can never have what you once had,

You will never be who you want to be and still be proud.


Then that other voice,

Be still.


The unimaginable, unthinkable happens.

Through all those other loud voices,

Finally I hear the one voice I was always meant to hear..


I love you.


Those three words might not mean a lot to you,

But to me those words are affection.


They are alive in your mind, in your heart, and in your body.

You show it through your expressions, emotions, and tribulations.


Then everything starts to become more real.

For He said take Me not them,

Holiness became flesh that we may be forgiven.

He redefined strength as turning a cheek,

A servant, a King in the place of me.

Unknown by the world which He Himself made.

We beat Him and punished Him for our own misconceptions.


We laid a crown on His head,

One to which was for the dead.

We lost love, we lost hope, we lost control;

We trembled and held all that we feared.

Instead of laying it at Your feet,

We laid it at ours.


We forgot who was the author of our lives,

Who brought the stars in the sky,


Who brought us alive from the dirt that lays beneath us.

Who called us into more than just reality,

Who set us free from the pain we once held onto.

From the past and future, that we may finally be in the present.

All my fears fade away while your goodness and grace remain.

A joy that cannot be overcome by death itself,


A love that cannot be contained.

By: Grace Boley


Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash