Love of the Guardian Act Summaries


Act 1

The people in the land of Quof are protected by a group called the Guardians, who make it their mission to love above all else. All of Quof was shocked one year ago when the king of Dniw was killed along with his supporters. The princess Alenia took her own life after the death of her father and her fiancé. Solon is a Guardian trainee who keeps having strange dreams that include a peculiar little boy and a mysterious woman. Meanwhile, the Fallen have been very active throughout Quof as they attempt to awaken the Sleeping Master of Darkness. Solon is selected to go on a mission with his Patron and her bodyguard as they attempt to seal the gateways where a mind-numbing mist is being created by the Fallen in order to control the minds of the people of Quof.


Solon’s dreams continue as he sees Ragnar, the new king of Dniw, plotting with Valdis, the scientist who is rumored to be the creator of the mist and a Fallen herself. Solon discovers that the Patron he is traveling with is really the Princess Alenia, long rumored dead. The chain that she wears around her neck is the key that is used to seal the gateways. They travel along with Seneca, a Guardian who is Alenia’s loyal friend. After the boy from Solon’s dream frantically appears in the forest, the trio rescue him from his attackers and encounter Valdis. Solon’s fellow trainees, Kairi and Ferid, along with his mentor, Guardian Kuno, join the mission after the Sovereign, the leader of the Guardians, commands it. 


Solon awakens to find a strange, old woman named Elpis, sitting in his campsite. Solon and Ferid throw her out of the camp, much to Alenia’s chagrin. As the travelers continue to search for the three remaining gateways, they come upon a mysterious inn, run by Drusa, a woman Solon met at the Guardian Academy. Seneca, Kuno, and Alenia leave to follow a lead while Ferid, Solon, Kairi, and Aiden remain in the inn. When Drusa poisons Solon and Kairi, they discover that Ferid has betrayed them, agreeing to kidnap Aiden in exchange for becoming a full-fledged Guardian. The others return in time to seal the gateway hidden in the inn, and save Solon and Kairi, but Ferid is already gone with Aiden.


Solon has a nightmare that greatly discourages him and strengthens his doubts. Elpis is found near death by the river, and Solon is charged with taking care of her while the others search the nearby village for Aiden. Aiden is discovered to be in the village jail, under the care of Father Krafstar, who claims to be a priest to the Father. Under the guise of dedicating Aiden to the Father, Krafstar invites the travelers to a ceremony. However, Krafstar is a follower of a false god, the Scarlet Goddess, and intends to kill Aiden as a sacrifice to her. They discover and seal another gateway hidden in the temple, but are not able to rescue Aiden as Drusa appears threatening Ferid’s life. Valdis also shows up, telling Solon about the prophecy that states as long as Alenia’s heart beats, the Guardians will fail.