My Personal Pastor


Do you remember having those little best friend necklaces in the shapes of broken hearts and are only complete when the other necklace is matched up to it? I grew up with the belief that I’d have one perfect, best friend to share my life with. Along my life’s journey, I’ve come across a multitude of different types of friendships. Mom’s best friends; daughters turned into sisters, first love turned into a brother, fellow Christian actors and camp staff turned into Journey Family, but what came as a surprise to me was how one of my friends turned into my personal pastor.

I tend to take thousands of photos…no seriously I currently have 13,106 photos saved to my phone. Because of this, my phone has limited space. I’ll find myself deleting apps, text conversations, and reluctantly some videos just to make room for more photos. Out of everything I delete, there is one app I refuse to. On this app, you are able to send your friends long video snips and they are automatically saved in a timeline of sorts. With a push of a button, you can rewatch the videos you have shared with your friend in chronological order. Over time, it has weaved itself into its own, personal tapestry of your life and your friends, woven together, always there to reflect and see how far you have come.

As I sent a hilarious video message about 20 minutes ago, I chose to click the message I last sent to my friend. I was telling him about my mother being diagnosed with cancer about a month ago. Other videos had me telling him that I was recently hired at my dream job and him congratulating me, him showing me what he did for 4th of July, me at summer camp, him at Disney World, a sneak video of me at church, talking about video games, telling each other jokes, crying when I was unemployed and felt so lost in where my life was heading, him giving me uplifting words that cheered me up, card rides, visiting friends homes, being dressed up, wearing pajamas, fluffy hair, smiles, scowls, and more. What I find so funny, is that he is the only person I communicate with on the app.

With barely any phone space left, I never considered deleting this one app that I only speak to one person on. As I looked back at the memories, I noticed that he would always lift me up and remind me of God’s love. My friendship with him has always lead me to Christ. What most of us seek is a best friend who will be there no matter what life throws at us. What I believe we should seek is someone who will point us towards Christ each and every single time.

Devin is my personal pastor. Without his friendship, I would not be where I am today spiritually. His actions and words have always lifted me up by allowing God to do the lifting for him. Do you have a personal pastor as one of your best friends? If not, will you be one to someone else? It’s not always about preaching God’s word. It’s allowing God to show his love through your actions and words that makes all the difference.


Alejandra Rodriguez Clark is an elementary school teacher and currently resides in McAllen, Texas.