Post “Season” Stress


The “season” just past in full-blown blast

Tackling and blocking and running real fast;

Thoughts of Halloween, turkey, and Santa,

flying to places

Like Maine or Alaska.


But what happens when the season is over?

What happens when again I’m the loner?

Will things go back to what they were before?

What happens when you reach 

The end zone once more?

As we go on to the post “season” games

Who is my goal 

What is my aim?


Although it may sound

quite cliche to you

My goal is Jesus

He’s on my crew.

I don’t need eleven,

Twelve or Twenty-two;

Cause Jesus is with me

He’ll stick through and through.


What is your choice?

Choose right away,

You must find your voice 

and choose Him today.

“What will He do?”

You ask and you say; 

You must ask Him to show you 

He will show you His way.

What He did for me

He will do for you;

He will get you through

the post-season stress

And better for you

He’ll give you the best. 


Hughbrey is a Freshman at Burton Adventist Academy.

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash