For My Cross And For My Crown

This powerfully moving drama explores the final hours of Christ’s life. Watch as He enters Jerusalem triumphantly, heals the sick, eats with His disciples and washes their feet, prays in agony in Gethsemane, and as He hangs upon the cross. Intricately moving between song and dialogue, this powerful portrayal depicts the sacrifice of Jesus, resulting […]


This one act play portrays the struggles of a girl named Erin as she navigates through her first year in college. Unsure of her future, she puts her faith and trust in the Advisor. Watch as she makes choices, forms relationships, and struggles to decide where to belong in this haunting religious drama.

The Legend Of Esterash: Destiny Rising

The first part of a trilogy, this secular post-apocalyptic drama explores the reality of human nature, sometimes good and sometimes evil. Set in a fictional world of impending natural disasters, an entire race of people suddenly disappear, leaving those behind and wondering why. This play is secular in nature and deals with mature themes also […]

The Land Of The Stars

In this whimsical, allegorical fantasy, the young cole runs through the halls of a hospital after losing his mother in a car accident. After falling asleep in a closet, Cole awakens in an unbelievable world on the moon. Join Cole as he explores the many different layers of grief. Exploring the nature of death, this […]

Let That Be Enough

This moving, comedic play follows the life of Matt Walker as he deals with romantic love and maneuvers through his often-difficult family. Paralleling the story of Hosea, this play deals with the question, “how many times does God take me back?” In a stunning, powerful finale, the unchanging love of God is highlighted and exalted.

I Choose Jesus

Explore the lives of four students as their real, personal struggles are exposed. In the background is the voice of Jesus, gently offering encouragement and love through the dark turmoil of human life. This is more powerfully effective when paired with a few choral pieces.