Quest oF Faith 

The Journey: A Quest of Faith: Book 6

1 John 1: 5-6 Eight diverse travelers have embarked upon a quest to find the golden land of Nevaeh. This remarkable land of wondrous freedom is untouchable to the Dark Conqueror, a mysterious being that has risen and destroyed every nation and land he has come into contact with.

The only hope for the Remnant lays within the Prophecy, which speaks of the Father who will send His son, the Deliverer, to lead the chosen people to the Promised Land. Come see these travelers go through a journey where faith reigns supreme and believing takes on a whole new meaning!

The Journey: A Quest of Faith will be a captivating experience where the love and sacrifice of Jesus is shown in a different light through a story reflecting our own reality. Each character will represent different types of struggles that we, as humans, will encounter at one point or another in our lives. You will be able to identify with them and watch how their decisions affect their paths to finish the Journey . . . or not.

Rise of the chosen

The Journey: Rise of the Chosen: Book 4

 Ezra 10:4 “Faithful till death,” says our loving Master; Short is your time to labor and wait; Then will your struggles seem to be nothing, When you shall pass the Nevaehn gate. Soon you will see our dear, loving Father, Hear the last trumpet sound through the sky; Then you will meet those gone before you, Then you shall know and understand why… Many years before the destined Remnant headed off towards the golden land of Nevaeh, a dark Council of men and women rule Quof with fear and violence.

The people are lost and afraid, worship of the Father has disappeared throughout the land, and instead, the Council has forced people into worshiping the Scarlet Goddess. But, not everyone was so easily swayed. As always, a glimmer of light still remains in the dark world of Quof. Who will rise to oppose the darkness? Who will stand for the Father when times seem impossible?

Let it be known, the Father doesn’t always choose the strongest warrior, or the wisest scholar, no, the Father calls to those that no one would imagine could ever lead; He comes to the orphan, the underdog, the neglected, the outcast, and the forsaken; but more importantly, He comes to all. Who will be chosen? And who will rise?

love of the guardian

The Journey: The Love of the Guardian: Book 2

Song of Solomon 8:7 What is love? Can you see it? Can you sense it? Have you felt it? Are you worthy of it? Ask yourselves this question . . . did you wake up today? Did you see the sun shine down from the heavens? Did you breathe in that breath of fresh air? If you did, it’s because the Father loves you. God loves YOU. And he chose you! How long will you run?

How much further will you run away from Him who loves you? Not long after Quof was created, the Guardians began looking over Quof. They are the protectors of humanity, the deliverers of justice, and servants of the Father. Ever since the Father cast the dissenters out of Nevaeh, and trapped the Master of Darkness beneath the crust of Quof, the Father has entrusted the Guardians to keep watch over the people and their actions.

Lately, Quof has become a bit unstable; even the roads to Nevaeh have been under attack. The Fallen Nevaehns are becoming much bolder. Unmasking the Fallen has been the recent goal of Guardians all around Quof. Unfortunately, the Fallen walk among the people; they have infiltrated their society; they have become difficult to discern. Enter the early days of Quof, where the meaning of true love will be completely explored and experienced.

Voyage Home

The Journey: The Voyage Home: Book 3

2 Timothy 2:7 Precious Father take their hands, lead them on, help them stand. They are tired, they are weak, they are lone. Through the storm, through the night, lead them on to the light. Take their hand precious Father, lead them home. The people of Quof are fighting for power . . . and all the regions have been clamoring for position . . . An evil, deep rumbling can be felt under the crusts of Quof and people are beginning to grow unsteady.

A mysterious force has been moving silently throughout the land spreading chaos and mayhem . . . and it seems as if no one is strong enough to stand against them or the predicted devastating catastrophe that they are prophesied to cause . . . What lies across these murky waters? Trials, defeats, shame, and guilt, all drift submerged beneath the silence of the sea . . . and if disturbed for a second will bring back an ever-flowing tidal wave of regret . . . it’s so easy for one to get lost at sea . . . the question is . . . where is home? What has home become for them? What is powerful enough to bridge the gap between light and darkness . . . the separation that has been caused?

Is the light strong enough to overpower the depths of the hidden evils of darkness within . . . the actions one is not strong enough to overcome . . . the secret anger one allows to fester inside? What will they choose- the comfortable safety and ignorance of the ever-changing waters of darkness? Or will they accept the uncomfortable, internally dangerous journey of self-discovery; only to arrive at a home called grace? And so it begins . . . The Voyage Home . . .

Shadows of Hope

The Journey: Shadows of Hope: Book 5

2 Corinthians 1:7 There are shadows in this life, shadows in this land, shadows of experiences gone by, shadows of struggles, shadows of fear, shadows of neglect, shadows of distractions, shadows of shattered faith and tainted expectations; people failing and friendships collapsing. But there are also shadows of hope. When there is nothing left, absolutely nothing at all.

When the darkness has completely overcome everything around you . . . you cling to those shadows of hope. That hope hides within the shadows of light. Deep within the forest of Origin, there is a very special place. A place where love is found, where home is realized, where the chosen can rise, where faith reigns supreme, and believing takes on a whole new meaning. Inside the garden sits the embodiment of sacrifice itself, a tree whose branches radiate Hope for the land of Quof.

But a darkness is also growing, deeper than Quof has ever seen. A shadow has been spreading within the hearts of the people. And next to the glorious tree something else has sprung forth. What do the children of light do when things are so dark, absolutely nothing can be seen before one’s eyes? Pick a star on the dark horizon and follow the light to the shadows of hope. 

A Light of Truth

The Journey: A Light of Truth: Book 1

1 John 1 Faith. Rise. Love. Home. Hope. In the beginning there was light. Everything that has been, is, and will be. Light comes out of nothing. It shines forever, illuminating this thing called darkness. In the beginning there was eternal light on an everlasting road.

A great danger is upon the people of Quof, but a promise has been given. A group of travelers each go on a journey into the woods in search of innocence, joy, truth…light. These things must be collected and brought to Nevaeh before the winter’s end or all will be lost: 3 flowers that will never fade, an ancient crystal from the never fading and everlasting trees, and iron and gold from the first Quofian tomb.

Whoever brings these items to the Nevaehn Gate with the key of light, will be permitted into the holy garden where an unforeseen promise will be revealed along with a great reward. Light is the beginning of every good thing. Every story must come to an end…except one.