You must face the darkness together…or Oldaem will fall.

Long ago, Esis was created. A Tower was established. A Wall was built. Men and women search earnestly for the truth. But in Oldaem, the truth is not easy to find. The Shepherds, once the protectors of Oldaem, have lost sight of their purpose and discarded their integrity. All is not as it seems. Scandal dominates the once proud government of Oldaem. Deception lies around every corner. In the midst of the chaos a Shepherd apprentice searches for acceptance and belonging. A son looks for his missing father and a sister seeks her lost brother. Two prisoners long for freedom. A princess seeks to understand the motivation behind her actions. Three friends search for meaning and purpose while facing impossible obstacles.

A dark presence has entered Esis. The time of the prophecies is drawing near. And as war and prejudice distract the minds of Oldaem’s weary citizens, the force of light relentlessly pursues them. 

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