A Thankful Post


This is a thankful post. The  most beloved moments growing up were Friday night worships. My mother and father would call us to the living room when the colors outside made the sky as if it was on fire. My brother and I would reluctantly drag our feet and greet the occasional  guest joining us  home.

As we’ve grown older I learned to enjoy and cherish these moments when my family would get together and talk about our blessings of the week, say a bible verse, and have a small song service.

This past year I was invited to spend time with other families. I had elaborate Friday evening meals with the traditional challah bread, I  was invited to vespers, family evening dinners consisting of soup and croissants, and have even developed my own Friday night tradition with my family. Each one of these had something special and in all of them I was invited into a space of worship and love however, none of these beat a good Friday night Agape/ tent worship at camp.

The sacredness of the agape feast, the tears that were shed by campers when I as their counselor was able to affirm them; the last night of the play when campers would come up and give their lives to Jesus. The best feeling of Friday night worships as camp, was a reminder of simpler times at home with family. It was the invitation of Jesus into our hearts and creating a new family. These past two weeks have been a reminder of that.

The Journey family has been reunited for the Love of the Guardian and throughout this week we have talked about what love is. Love to me is this… people coming from far and wide, sitting together thanking Jesus for the small and large things HE has provided. Love for me is my Journey family, it is a motley crew of crazy individuals that clump together, screaming loudly, and coming together to make ministry and draw people close to Christ. I am just thankful  this Friday evening that once upon a time, God decided that we were going to be the crew that He would use to bring souls to Christ.

Chantal Williams recently graduated from Andrews University as a doctor of physical therapy, and has been involved with Enspire Productions since 2011.