The Little Things


My Personal Testimony Part 2

It’s 95 degrees and it’s October. The frustration that comes with intense heat during my favorite season is just as intense as the extremely hot rays of sun that are still beating down upon me while I’m monitoring lunch outside for the high school students. It’s kind of indicative to how I’ve been lately. Frustrated. Things just won’t go my way. I haven’t ever really considered myself a control freak or anything, but it would be nice if something could just for a moment could go my way. This week has been a tough one at work. It continues today to be a frustrating experience. It’s just small things that add up, really. For example, my phone in my classroom doesn’t work. For some reason or another I can’t get my printer to print from my desktop computer. The internet is extremely sketchy in my area of the building. The students I’ve been teaching have been experiencing major spiritual apathy and disinterest. To top it off, it’s 95 degrees outside. I’m over it.

So, in reading this back, I realize I sound whiny, ungrateful, and petulant. I realize that when I compare my situations with those of a lot of other people who are facing very real pain and discomfort, mine seems to fade into the silence overreaction. 

But then I remember, God cares about it anyway. My pain, regardless of where I place it on the scale relating it to others’ pain, God cares about it. 

 I’ve grown up Adventist, I haven’t ever really gone “down the wrong path,” I haven’t had a huge life changing moment- but there have been pockets of light that have shined down on me. I think what is special about my testimony is that it continues every single day. There are little reminders or moments of peace that God so cleverly places along my path. For example, the air conditioning works great in my car, my classroom, and my apartment, cool enough that I can pretend that it’s cool outside too. My apartment is in a great location, right near my job and any restaurant I’d like to eat at, random text messages from people reminding me that they love me, amazing parents who always check up on me, random strangers who show me kindness, and the list goes on and on. Just when I start to get extremely discouraged or annoyed, God will show up in unthinkable ways. Honestly, I need to shut my mouth, open my mind, my heart, and my eyes, and I will and be aware of a God who has and will move mountains for me, simply because He loves me.

So maybe your testimony isn’t clear, perhaps you’re reminded of it every day through the almost unnoticeable. Please notice the little things. I’ve realized that’s where God likes to hang out.  

Devin Anavitarte is one of the of the founding members of Enspire Productions and is currently the Campus Chaplain at Burton Adventist Academy.