Why God Wants to Hangout with You


When I was ten years old, my brother, Mason, was seventeen. Most brothers would be annoyed and sick of their immature and obnoxious kid brother. Mason’s reaction was a little different. Yes, I was definitely annoying, entitled, and bratty, but Mason looked past all that. Instead of pushing me away or keeping me at arm’s length, he included me in everything. From going to friend’s houses to playing video games to everything in between. That’s love to me. It’s kind of crazy too because it was a sacrifice for him to do this for me, but he also genuinely wanted me there, he loved me and wanted me to be where he was, no matter how awful and annoying I was. This crazy love has made me exactly who I am today.

All my life, I struggled with why a perfect God would want me, let alone sacrifice everything for me. It didn’t make any sense. If He is perfect, why does he want me? What could he possibly need from me? What does He gain from chasing after an imperfect, bratty, entitled, scared, immature person like me?

Mason didn’t bring me anywhere because of what I contributed to his social life, he gave me his time, unfettered because he loved me. This concept of genuine love, love with sacrifice and without reward, is how Christ loves us. Mason didn’t love me in spite of my childishness, he loved me because of everything I was, good and bad. Our Father is the same way. He did not save us in spite of our flaws, he saved us because of them. We live in a world that turns our flaws into sins. He sees us in a world where our flaws are opportunities to grow.

When I spent time with Mason, I grew steadily out of those immature behaviors, and gradually became more like him, I adopted his lingo, and his interests, and his past times. God wants me, just like Mason did, to spend time with Him, not in spite of our flaws, but so that we can grow and become more like Him, and mature into the people he has set us up to become. In this world, we have flaws that turn into sins, and blessings that we turn into pain. God wants us to hang out with Him in a space where those flaws help us grow and the blessings he gives us mature us into people we wouldn’t recognize today.


Jack Bendall is a senior at Chisholm Tail Academy and has been with Enspire Productions for 3 years. 

Photo by Kylo on Unsplash