With Five Loaves and Two Fish


When thinking of a stereotypical Christmas morning what are some of the things that come to mind? A beautifully decorated tree overflowing with gifts under it of different sizes and wrappings. Over speakers holiday music playing with the chatter of an extended family talking and catching up. 

This year with so many things changing, for most people their Christmas might not fulfill the expectation. Perhaps the lack of gifts are due to financial difficulties, and the lack of family is due to health concerns of all parties. Or the lack of holiday spirit could be to children growing up and the previous excitement of the holiday fading

Whether these changes happen because of 2020 or something else, the core of Christmas will always be the same. While it manifests in spending time with loved ones, exchanging gifts, or singing a Christmas carol to spread joy, those are not the reason why we celebrate Christmas.

The answer is obvious, we celebrate because of Jesus’ birth. But our celebration is not only because he was born on this day, we celebrate because of what Jesus has done and will do for us. While it was not exactly on December 25th, Jesus was born and that is just the first chapter. Because in order to celebrate his birth we must also embrace what he went on to do after he was born. Perhaps this holiday season of 2020 we embrace when Jesus made the most out of little, five loaves and two fish.

Lorraine Fernando is a Junior at Texas A&M studying Mechanical Engineering.