The Word of God


I spend a lot of time talking about words and their power in our lives. I suppose this isn’t a surprising fact; I am after all a teacher. But even if I weren’t, I would still think it’s important to stop and consider the impact words have on our lives.

It’s with words that we convey our ideas, build relationships, and take in information from others. Words are the building blocks of every great story and poem. It is with words that we share our points of view with each other and remind each other that we are not alone. We comfort with our words and teach with them too. We pass on our hopes and inspire new generations to reach far beyond our own accomplishments, all with words.

Throughout history, words have crumbled and built up empires. Words are so important that men and women have thrived and died under their influence. As powerful as words are in their ability to create, we have also found them to be a useful tool for destruction. Passing on our hate and breaking apart families, words have found their use in undoing any good thing we have ever made.

It stands to reason that with all the power words have for us that they would hold even more authority with the One that created them. After all, take a look at how God uses words. It was with words that God reached out and created our world. His words built this planet. It was also with His words that he reached out to us and inspired hope by commissioning and crafting His testimony and promise. Today we call it the Bible but many call it the Word of God.

And if that is the case, if the Bible really is the inspired Word of God then wouldn’t it also stand to reason that the same power that was used to fashion this world would be available in it? Perhaps we unknowingly ignore and undervalue the Bible, reducing it to a bumper sticker or catchphrase for a t-shirt, never fully realizing that it holds the same authority that was used to create light.

I think that’s exactly what we have done. We allow our Bibles to collect dust or hold our attention for the same amount of time as an app notification. The real treasures of the Bible can’t be found with a simple glance. It deserves our deeper attention.

Consider this the next time you decide to open your Bible and glance at the Word of God. I’m not advocating we all lock ourselves in like monks, only that we give it a little more time to affect us.

Down below I’ll leave some steps to follow when reading that I have found helpful lately. I can’t take the credit for crafting them but I wanted to share them because I have found them to be useful. Blessings to you as you reach out and strive absorbed the full power and authority of our kind and caring Savior.





1. Pick a psalm or passage that appeals to you.

2. Read the text aloud.

3. Meditate on the text.

(Focus on keys words, ideas or themes. When you find something that strikes you, stop. The point is reflection. Why is this important? What does the keyword or theme tell me about Jesus’ character? Etc.)

4. Use the words from the passage and make it a prayer to God.

5. Go live your life in light of what you have learned.   


Johnathan Coker is one of the founders of Enspire Productions. He is currently a teacher at Chisholm Trail Academy.